Privacy Policy called "The website") follow laws and ordinances regarding personal information and other privacy codes and take all possible measures to protect important personal information of our customers with the following basic policy.

The website collect and use personal information to the extent necessary for to deliver payment processing services by means of customers applying for the service. This personal information shall not exceed the extent needed to provide the service such as transaction authorization and personal identification. This personal information shall not be collected without consent from the owner of the card and will not be collected by unjust means.

The website will protect all the personal information from fraud, misuse, destruction and any other danger by taking adequate measures.

The website will not provide any personal information of its customer to any third party without your consent except in the cases described below.
When The company is required by a public entity to provide personal information for legal purposes.
When credit card fraud occurs and it is necessary for The website to provide the personal information to the shop for investigation.
When The website have to submit the personal information to credit card processing company, credit confirmation agency, each outsourcing company within the scope of the item 1 of this list.
The website constantly reviews and improves its compliance program for the protection of personal information held by the company.
Please contact us at the following number if you have an inquiry regarding disclosure, reference, collection and stop providing it. In case of incorrect information, we will take an adequate measure such as delete or collect following our code of conduct within a adequate time.